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Re^2: Cometh the truth. .

Joe McWilliams

Could Waltz do a convincing Irishman? I doubt it. Find an Irish actor to play an Irishman, I say.
On Sat Dec 2, Max wrote
>Between his own productions, Venom and Mad Max, Hardy is booked solid for at least 3 years.
>Not a chance for a major movie sequel in my view.

>A TV series is always possible and probably the best means to bring the books to a viewing audience.

>That dragons in the Royal Navy book series is still kicking around but lacks a home.

>In my opinion Christoph Waltz was born to play Stephen.
>On Wed Nov 29, Chrístõ wrote
>>       . . cometh the man:
>>image host

>>He’d need a blonde wig and an officer’s jacket but apart from that he’s battle-ready - except of course he’s much too thin - he’ll need to wear a cushion round his belly to make him authentic.

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