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Book Review: ‘A Legacy of Spies’ by John le Carré

Sat Sep 23

Alastair Benn writes: ‘John Le Carré’s novel ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’ seemed to emerge fully formed from the Berlin sky, a spy novel of rare quality.  In his newest work, ‘A Legacy of Spies’, Le Carré revisits the novel that brought him fame.  For the hardened Le Carré fan, it is a chance to revisit much-loved characters such as George Smiley, Alec Leamas and Peter Guillam.  For the uninitiated, it is an elegant and accomplished introduction to Le Carré’s fictional universe . . ‘

A worthy read. I agree that George's character is a little "flat".

Sun Sep 24

So who plays the Senior Citizens George and Peter? Do we just wait for Gary and Benedict to "grow (old) into" the roles?

Megan Markle as "Laura"?
Adam Brown as "Bunny"?

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