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The Yellow Admiral Cap

Yellow Admiral Cap

To celebrate the original publication of The Yellow Admiral, Norton commissioned a handsome blue cap—baseball or yachting, depending on how you see yourself—with the title in gold stitching. Order the cap by calling our order department during business hours: (800) 233-4830.

Books on Tape

Abridged audiocasettes (read by Tim Piggott-Smith or Robert Hardy) are published by Random House Audio

Unabridged audiocassettes and CDs are published by Books on Tape, Inc.

Geoff Hunt prints

Geoff Hunt's Patrick O'Brian cover prints are now available through the Mystic Seaport Museum Maritime Art Shop.

If you would like further information about Geoff Hunt prints and artwork, please contact his agent:

Dom Rodi
Artist Partners Ltd
14-18 Ham Hard
Great Windmill Street
London W1V 8DE

Music CDs

Music CDs are available from Ess.A.Y. Recordings. Three CDs are available:

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