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Patrick O'Brian Links: Other Web Sites of Interest

The following web sites have been created or suggested by members of the Patrick O'Brian discussion group, affectionately known as the "Gunroom":

Gibbons Burke's Patrick O'Brian Website attempts to gather in one spot web pages that relate to Patrick O'Brian and his works. He has compiled the results of a recurring thread, casting suggestions for the O'Brian movie. He also has a listing of musical pieces played by Captain Aubrey and Stephen Maturin or mentioned during course of the series (project to collect all of the musical references is ongoing). Also there is the 1749 edition of The Royal Navy Articles of War, a strictly unofficial and incomplete guide to Gunroom etiquette, and some nautical expressions in the vernacular. More? OK, how about links to the text of reviews and articles about O'Brian in the NY Times? And even a photograph and biographical sketch of Geoff Hunt, who painted the covers of O'Brian's books. What are you waiting for?

Patrick O'Brian Discussion Archives: a searchable archive of the Gunroom's discussion list

Dr. Maturin's Natural History: an extensive natural history survey by American Museum of Natural History volunteer tour guide Wanda Finch.

A map of the Gunroom's members' locations by Helen Webb Murphy

The official Gunroom burgee (flag that you fly on your ship/boat), created by Lisa Grossman

A map of the voyage of HMS Sophie

Other interesting sites:

The official Master and Commander movie siteMaster and Commander: The Far Side of the World Official Movie Site

HarperCollins UK: Patrick O'Brian's British publisher.

Maritime History Virtual Archives, maintained by Lars Bruzelius at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, contains pictures, materials on models, life at sea, medical matters, and etymology—including a 1707 text, "The Sea-man's Vademecum." (Most items in English.)

The Mariners' Museum in Newport News, VA. It rivals the best Nautical and Maritime Museums. It is the home of August Crabtree's handmade models and reportedly Patrick O'Brian has spoken here on occasion.

The Historical Maritime Society (UK): a UK based historical research and re-enactment group recreating the Royal Navy of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Features an extensive and interesting page on Nelson and his navy.

Travels with the Tall Ship Rose: Rose is a replica of a 22 gun frigate of the mid-18th century. Patrick O'Brian has visited and dined aboard the ship and remarked on the similarity between her and Surprise. The Rose is currently being used in the Patrick O'Brian motion picture The Far Side of the World, currently filming.

Lawrence Edwards's Tall Ships Page: with info on the Patrick O'Brian film and the book jackets from the British editions of the books published by HarperCollins UK.

Admiral Lord Nelson: an extensive autobiographical web page purporting to be created by Nelson. He's quite talented at coding HTML for a man with one arm!

A biography of Admiral Anson, inspiration for The Golden Ocean and The Unknown Shore.

The Patrick O'Brian Mapping Project: A site with the goal of "accurately and completely [mapping] the progress of Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin, and their ships over the course of the 21 novels."

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